DVD menu for FedCon XX, the SciFi event

As in the previous year, Horizon Media will provide the DVD menu for the official FedCon DVD, a documentary about the 20th anniversary of Europe's biggest Star Trek and science fiction event. This time, the set will contain three disks. With a running time of approx. 540 minutes, the official FedCon DVD will include excerpts from the panels, interviews with the stars and impressions. More information about the planned release date will follow shortly.

"The Inside Out" at London Spanish Film Festival

Spanish Cinematic Experiences in London features "The Inside Out". The film will be screened at the Rich Mix on Tuesday, 4th October 2011 at 6.15 PM together with other short films by Spanish filmmakers.

The short film program is presented as part of the London Spanish Film Festival, offering talented Spanish filmmakers the opportunity to launch their works for the first time in London.

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