Kit upgrade for Sony NEX-FS100 shooting package

We are pleased to announce that our Sony NEX-FS100 shooting package now comes with the Atomos Ninja 2, a portable video recorder and monitor. Though the FS100 is in a similar league to the Canon C300's image, it does not support broadcast quality internally. In combination with the Atomos Ninja 2, it is possible to record 10-bit 4:2:2 video in the Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD format.

Please contact us for rental price and availability.

"Get Me to the Church on Time" enters festival circuit

The short film "Get Me to the Church on Time" is a 15-minutes comedy-drama written by David Stevenson and directed by Felipe Reutter. The story revolves around Jim, a terminally ill man, and his only daughter who is about to get married. Will Jim get to walk his daughter down the isle on her wedding day?

The film was shot location in London on the Canon C300 and will now enter the festival circuit.

Second block of shooting for "Souljacker" completed

That's a wrap for the second block of shooting for "Souljacker", a feature film that aims to give a unique take on the serial killer movie. It is shot on the Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm digital film camera and Zeiss prime lenses. "Souljacker" is the first feature-length film from Contrazoom Productions, helmed by British writer/director Darren Bailey. Darren directed the UK’s first ever HD production, 2001's "Suave Bastard", which was produced by Stuart Fenegan and selected for Cannes that year.

Trailer of "Free Falling" online

Check out the trailer for "Free Falling", a short film we were involved in last summer. Director of photography was Pia Storck. The film revolves around a boy who wakes up on Waterloo Bridge with no recollection of how he get there or any recent memory. He embarks on a journey of discovery but not all is as it seems and as he pieces it together he finds himself heading towards a shocking truth.

Article about Toby Robinson's new short film

If you could choose the perfect movie genre in which to find the girl of your dreams – which one would it be? Toby Robinson's new short film "What if Life was like the Movies?" asks this very question, and follows the results through to their logical (and fantastical) conclusions.

On 4th April 2013, writer/director Toby Robinson made it into The Hampshire Chronicle.

New feature film in preproduction

It's official now: Pia Storck joined the crew of "Parallel Lines" as camera operator. "Parallel Lines", currently in preproduction, is a dark science-fantasy drama by Future Imperfect Productions. The story revolves around a repressed geek who, kidnapped on his way home, picks up the thoughts of a rebellious teenage schizophrenic and struggles to convince him that the voices are not a hallucination.

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